Mailchimp GDPR Compliance

Mailchimp has updated their signup forms to help you stay compliant with GDPR. These are optional so you will need to add these fields to your form. Our optional, GDPR-friendly forms include checkboxes for opt-in consent, and editable sections that explain how and why you are using data.

Login to your mailchimp account. Go to Lists > Settings > List name and defaults – see screenshot –

Enable GDPR fields and be sure to SAVE at the bottom – see screenshot –

Go back to Signup forms > Form builder – see screenshot –

You will now see the GDPR fields at bottom of form – see screenshot –

If you click anywhere in the highlighted yellow area, then you will see where you can edit the fields on the right – see screenshot –

For example, here is how i did mine – – i DELETED two of the fields they had and only used EMAIL.

Be sure to read this article from Mailchimp – – in addition to making your mailchimp form compliant, you will need to send an email to existing subscribers and they have a sample template referred to on this same page –

NOTE: Be sure that all of the SUBSCRIBE FORMS on your website as well as popup forms go to the GDPR compliant form that you create. I have noticed that some still go to a page that says thank you for subscribing or check your email for confirmation and does not show the form with the checkbox that “they” want to subscribe by email. There must be a check box that the user must check to confirm and give consent or at least that is what the experts are saying right now.

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