My introduction to Robin came when my site was hacked and I didn’t know what to do next. Not only did she work tirelessly to fix it, she didn’t charge me. She told me to sign up for her maintenance program and that was the beginning of a huge shift in my business. It’s been over a year now, and she is now hosting my site.

I pay less now than I did with the big hosting provider I was previously with and the service is unparalleled. Robin takes care of my site and is always available. (I don’t think she sleeps!!) I don’t worry about backups or updating plugins. I don’t stress about making sure I am following the latest requirements. I don’t worry about anything because Robin is always there for me… even when I go a little overboard on ideas. She’s honest and tells me when I need to reign it in!

Now, I can’t imagine my blog without Robin! Thank you!! – Ang Paris, Juggling Act Mama

When I found Robin Bennett I was in a very emotional place. I had been working with a web designer who sort of abandoned the project and I was really horrified about what to do next because a book deal was looming, pending vetting me and my website. I emailed Robin after viewing several sites in my line of work (and kept seeing Grits Design in the footer) and immediately fell in love with what I saw. She contacted me within a day of my email and she was very interested in understanding my vision for a website. From the onset of our first conversation, Robin grasped every detail I had in mind! Her compassion for understanding the place for which I was coming from emotionally was a huge relief and my lack of computer abilities, learning curve, and basic fear were not obstacles for her. Robin literally put me at ease from the very beginning and fostered an excitement in my soul about my website that I forgot I’d even lost.

I am so grateful for Robin’s sense of calm when I was stressed and for her stellar teaching skills so that I could be a contributing member to my own website! For her drive and commitment to see my project through . . .
whether it by Skype, telephone, or email, Robin was always available. If she wasn’t hearing from me on content, she would send an instant message “how is It going?” to prompt me along. Robin’s flexibility and willingness to view things and change them up without hesitancy is something I very much appreciated as well as her attention to fine details (I have a Favicon!) and the overall elegant design, especially my logo & background image is fabulous! It is exactly what I wanted and I still cannot believe how well she grasped my idea in only one phone conversation and one reference site (as an example) that I shared with her! Absolutely beautiful.
Robin did everything she said she would do . . . and she was honest, driven, committed, and very positive throughout the whole process. My website was completely done in less than one week! From the day I ended a 2.5 month relationship with a former designer, Robin had my very stellar website live in only 9 days!

I actually feel like I have made a new friend in Robin Bennett . . . she is truly one of a kind and it has been a great pleasure working with her!

They say you get what you pay for, but with Robin Bennett, you get much more.  She was recommended to me when I wanted to overhaul my blog and move from Blogger to WordPress.  She was easy to work with, took my design ideas and made them a reality, and did the whole thing in less than a week.  She responded to my every request quickly, and to this day, she still helps me out in a jam.  And when she doesn’t know how to do something, she wastes no time getting on the phone with the web host to try and figure it out.  I’ve recommended her to many friends and will continue to do so. Carolyn Ketchum – All Day I Dream About Food

I found Robin with several stellar recommendations when I was ready to move my blog from Blogger to  I had delayed this prior due to horror stories of complexity, issues and hidden costs with other developers.  After one conversation with Robin, the process started and in less than a week my blog had moved, with several features added.  It was almost effortless.

In addition to her technical knowledge I love Robin’s enthusiasm, responsiveness and ‘can do’ attitude.  She presents a balanced view with recommendations and will offer her opinions as well.  If something is new to her, she open-mindedly dives into extensive research to provide guidance and is willing to try new things.  There is no job too large or small for Robin.  She takes great pride in her work and seeks to deliver satisfaction to her client’s.  I find she offers her time liberally and charges very reasonably for her services.  I look forward to a long working relationship with Robin! – Toni Dash, Boulder Locavore

I am supremely happy with my new site and brand. You are absolutely terrific. Thank you so much for all of your amazingness!

I also appreciate the tips you gave me for things like turning off the other plugins when updating new ones. It also makes me thankful that I only have a few plugins now, too.

  • Your positivity. I tend to be a stressed out person when I feel I have no control over something, so I so appreciate how positive and fun you have been.
  • Your willingness to put up with me and my incredible OCD analness. Asking you to change font sizes, etc, is something I appreciate, even though I know I am being  finicky by that point. For me, this means everything is perfect and now it’s time for the tiny things.
  • My Logo. You so nailed what I wanted. You have no idea how special I feel with “the beautiful sassy girl holding the bacon.”
  • Your honesty. I think it is great that you feel you can be real with me.
  • Your stick-to-it attitude. Even though that sidebar and the ad situation were absolutely not fun, you never gave up. I so appreciate that!
  • The clean, beautiful look of my new design.
  • Your attention to detail.

Jamie Van Eaton

I had the pleasure of working with Robin Bennett of Grits Design on moving my website from a drag & drop platform to WordPress. She quickly picked up on my attention to small details and took into consideration my desire of a clean and simple design. What I was doing manually on my “old” site, Robin set up to do automatically, which has reduced my blogging time significantly. The transition went smoothly and Robin was there every step of the way. We were in constant communication and anything I needed, I just simply sent a message and she quickly responded. I would never have been able to move my site without Robin. In fact, in doing research prior to the move, it was said it couldn’t be done. That right there says a lot about Robin. I can assure you, she comes highly recommended…by me! Vanessa Romero – Healthy Living How To

I have worked with Grits Design for almost two years now, and find Robin to be the most dependable, helpful and creative professional that I have ever dealt with. She goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that our website always looks the best. She continuously strives to assure continuity, ease of use and timely updates. Grits Design also helped me step-by-step set up PayPal and online credit card payments. Without their help, I would still be working with a dull and outdated website. Kathy Fudge – SCTA