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The Latest from the StudioPress Workbench
A big WordPress release happened and Brian Gardner shared his advice on safely updating to v3.5. In addition, Studiopress released Genesis 1.9, and some really cool new themes came off the assembly lines from the hard working team at SP and some other great developers in the Studiopress community.

What’s New in WordPress 3.5 “Elvin”?
WordPress is making it easy for all of us to look great in 2013! The team behind WP 3.5 promises a dramatic new change for uploading and organizing your media. The streamlined experience now boasts some simplified features and fast solutions for re-organizing your media galleries.

“Flexibility and streamlining” was the goal, making it easy for both beginners and expert developers to take full advantage of the redesign. It’s a “leaner, cleaner way to publish your content in style.” Brian G. reminded us that there is a cool new Tumblr importer too.

Definitely check out the news and the short video they put together in honor of drummer Elvin Jones, for whom the release is named. It’s more than a little cool…

StudioPress Theme of the Month – Metro Theme

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