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Curiosity Killed the Cat

Yes, that is me. On Saturday, I was trying to help someone who said they had a problem with their website. Someone else said that the link had malicious code. So I decided I would look for myself. My computer completely shut down and died. No, it was not a p**n site, Kathi! My friend, Kathi, gets viruses on her computer all the time (not as many lately); and we kid her about visiting p**n sites. No, Kathi, we don’t really think you visit p**n sites!

All of my friends bring their computers to me when they get a virus, so luckily I was able to remove my own. Normally, you know when you are getting attacked. A window pops up and says that you have a virus and you need to scan your computer. That is a VIRUS! You need to get out of that window as fast as you can to stop the virus attack.

Anyway, when I restarted my computer, half of my files were gone. So I shut down my comptuer and started it in SAFE MODE. But I could not find the System Restore program. The virus had removed it from my Programs. So I did a search for “system restore” and it popped up. I started System Restore, and it took aout 30 minutes (I decided to leave well enough alone). armenia And it worked. I then ran Malware Bytes (I use the FREE version), and it found some trojans which I deleted. Then I ran Avira Antivirus, and it found 16 viruses which I deleted.

All is well . . . for now!

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