Maintenance Plan Info

Thank you for signing up for my monthly maintenance plan. I look forward to working with you.  Please complete the form below so I can access your site(s).  Feel free to email or call/text me with your concerns.  My email address is [email protected].  My cell phone is (803) 261-8700.

  • If you send me a facebook friend request, I can invite you to our Facebook Private Group or facebook email is [email protected]

    If you prefer to send logins using a ONE-TIME secure note, feel free to use this link -

    If you have two-step verification for any logins below, please remove.
  • If you are hosted with BigScoots, I need your login to their WPO portal - here is the link -
  • If you have cloudflare, I need your cloudflare login.
  • If you are moving to my hosting, I will need your domain registrar login.
  • Do you have emails associated with your domain? For example, I have one for my domain - [email protected]