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Strawberry Brownie Caramel Trifle

My friend, Kathi Murphy, came to dinner and brought this dessert a month or so ago; and I think I have made it four times since then.  But I made up my own version using fat-free cool whip and fat-free, sugar-free instant cheesecake pudding.  I also use skim milk with the pudding; I tried almond […]


Post or Page ID

To find the post or page ID in wordpress, go to edit post/page and it is located in the top URL.  See screenshot below (click on image to view larger image).  The post id for the page below is 33105  


Upload Image File and Link to URL In Sidebar

The first thing I do is resize the image to the width I want (for example, 250px) and upload it to the media libary. After you upload it, then you can click “edit” and it will give you the file url – see screenshot below. Copy the URL. In a TEXT widget, copy and paste […]


Ziplist Button

Ziplist changed the SAVE button on their new update. Some people prefer the this button instead – . If you would like to keep this button, all you have to do is right click the image above and then click “save image as” and save it on your computer and then upload it in your […]

Duchess 005

My Sweet Duchess Is Gone But Will Never Be Forgotten

Twelve years ago my husband, Jack, said I could NOT have a dog . . . but I kept begging for a maltese like my bestest friend, Lori Fowler. And finally he said “if we get a dog, we will get a real dog–not a yappie dog.” And I said, “I like real dogs.” In […]



With the new ziplist update, you now use the same button to ADD and EDIT a ziplist recipe. See screenshot below. Also, it used to be beside ADD MEDIA, now it is below ADD MEDIA. See screenshot.


Google Crawl Errors

I have been getting lots of questions about Crawl Errors lately, so I decided to do some research. As you know, everybody has an opinion so I like to go to the source. Here is what Google says . . . Generally, 404 errors don’t impact your site’s ranking in Google, and you can safely […]


MadAdsMedia Malware

Sucuri to the rescue. Over the weekend, websites who used MadAdsMedia were injected with malware. Visitors were unable to access their websites. Below is the message MadAdsMedia sent out. This message is regarding the recent malware notifications that some of our publishers may have experienced. Just before noon today, our engineers discovered that one of […]

blacklist (the dictionary project)

Godaddy Blacklists WordPress Plugins

Thought I would share a list of WordPress Plugins that Godaddy says causes problems on their new WordPress hosting.  Godaddy states that the following plugins cause severe issues with either security or performance on Godaddy servers. Blacklisted Plugins adminer hello.php async-google-analytics backupwordpress backwpup broken-link-checker contextual-related-posts dynamic-related-posts ezpz-one-click-backup file-commander fuzzy-seo-booster google-sitemap-generator google-xml-sitemaps-with-multisite-support hcs.php hello hello-dolly jr-referrer […]